Ryaan Ahmed

Hello! I'm Ryaan Ahmed.

I am a musician, software developer, and teacher.

I am a Senior Software Engineer at BandLab Technologies, where I work on the Cakewalk team. We ship two digital audio workstations, Sonar and Next. I work on all aspects of the DAWs.

Previously (2019-2023), I was the Associate Director of the Programs in Digital Humanities at MIT, where I was a Senior Research Engineer. I helped build a program that brings code to faculty research and teaching in the humanities, and enable students learning to code to build fluency in the humanities through research using computational methods.

I'm the Chief Technical Officer of Artusi. We make web-based, self-grading music theory workbooks that are used in conservatories, universities, and high schools around the world.

I play lutes and guitars, coach singers, and occasionally music direct things.

If you'd like to get in touch, please or call me. I don't check the other stuff much.

You can check out a lot of my MIT DH work (and, moreover, my students’ work) on GitHub.

Here is a picture of me looking very serious or possibly grumpy (I promise I was actually having a very nice time!) while playing the theorbo: